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What is Graphic Design on Demand?
Graphic Design on Demand is an innovative new process that removes all the barriers to “Getting Stuff Done”, enabling us to deliver on what our clients need when they need it. Think of our Graphic Design on Demand service as a magic box, where you put instructions in and award worth designs come out. It’s that simple.
Is it really unlimited?
What exactly can I request?
Who is DarkRoast Design for?
Who is DarkRoast Design NOT for?
What is your average turnaround time?
Can anyone sign up?
Are there any terms or contracts?
How am I billed?
We have multiple companies – how would that work? 
What happens if I don't use it for a month?
Can you create PowerPoint or Word documents?
Do you deliver source files?
Do you only work with “marketing people”?
Do you work with other agencies or provide white label service?

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