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See why anyone serious about marketing needs an in-house graphic designer
and how you can add one to your team this week without the cost and commitment of hiring someone full-time

The creative people behind loveable brands:

Like having your own in-house designer, but better.

With Graphic Design on Demand you get all the good stuff that comes with having your own in-house designer with the added benefits that come from working with a professional design agency.

Turnaround Times

How quickly can you get stuff done?

In-House: 1-3 Days
Agency: 1-2 Weeks
DarkRoast: 1-3 Days


How quickly or easily can I chat with my designer?



What level of quality can I expect?



Can you handle a lot of work during busy times?

In-House: Nope
Agency: Yup
DarkRoast: Yup


Will I have access to a team of people with a range of skills and expertise?



How does the billing work?

In-House: Flat Rate
Agency: Variable
DarkRoast: Flat Rate


How does the cost compare?

In-House: $$$$
Agency: $$-$$$$$
DarkRoast: $$

295 ideas for marketing
projects and content

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Marketing Stuff

Request, Design, Review, Repeat.

How it works


You create a design request

Use our simple, custom-built request management software to quickly make a new design request and manage existing requests.


We get to work designing

We'll get started ASAP. Your designer will send you the first draft within 24-48 hours.** We'll upload for you to review directly in the request management software.


You review and revise

You work directly with your designer via our request management software. Request as many changes as you want, and we'll revise until it's perfect.

What can we create for you?

Book your quick 15-minute intro call

Designs on your desk tomorrow

Same day and next day turnaround times are a luxury that only comes from having an in-house designer. Your agency will not turn stuff around that quickly. With your own “always-available” in-house designer you can get what you need done, when you need it.

Way more done in way less time

You have better things to do with your time. With our simple project management tools and a designer that gets you and knows your brand, meetings, and phone calls are no longer a requisite to get stuff done.

Unlimited Requests & Revisions

What you need done, when you need it done. Period. Go ahead start another project, request another revision, or change your mind altogether.

Made in Canada

You can take comfort in knowing that your design requests aren’t getting routed around the world. You’ll only be working with experience professional in-house designers in Canada.

Flat Rate Pricing

Your accounting department will love it. Simple, flat rate pricing billed monthly means you never have to worry about quoting, budgeting, or tracking hours. Welcome to the good life.

Professional Design, Redesigned

Our Work

Exactly what you would expect from one of those fancy high-price design agencies with the ping-pong tables and mini bar.

Minus the ego and price tag.